Quick update on Acorny Studios and Marv Castillo’s projects

We stopped, for a big while.

Hey, I’m Marv Castillo, and turns out I can’t do all this work by myself.

I apologize, I understand I always say I’m going to do something… but it’s really hard to make all what I have to do. Music, movies, photos, comics… that requires work.

I will update my all new blog soon. I will visit the children sometime soon, and I will upload some music in some months. Thanks.

Green Eagle #1 coming this December. Written by the great John Ervin, this is the story about a boy who discover something special about him when he tries to find out the past of his deceased father.

Published by:http://stherocomics.tumblr.com/

Written and created by John Ervin.

Art (cover, page 1, 2, 18-27) and lettering: Marv Castillo.

Art (pages 3-17) and inks: Bobby Penafiel.

(Source: cas-tea-jaw)

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Hello, guys.

After all what happened with the old Acorny Art Support format, we decided to relauch it as different thing. Don’t worry you will be promoted, but we have new rules and other sites like Twitter and an official Tumblr to support you.

The Instagram account doesn’t have a lot of followers, so we will need more, but we will give you surprises. We grow, you grow. If we have more followers, you can get your art seen and you will get more followers. Read the new rules, here!

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'Life' is the first song released by our producer, LeinadDCM. Must listen if you like EDM.

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(Source: cas-tea-jaw)

Another visit to the orphanage.

It was quiet, the kids didn’t play a lot, and they were just walking around the house. They didn’t talk too much this time. The little girls you can see in the picture have new clothes; my girlfriend bought them a little dress and some new jeans. They will have to share clothes, both of them are two-years-old, so I think it will be okay.

I don’t really know why I feel so empty about this visit, maybe I’m happy. Know it seems the kids don’t need us, I think they are happier, but sometimes they look so happy. It’s very confusing and quite irritating. I’m not the saying the kids are irritating, let’s make it clear… I just want to know what to do. Do the kids need us? Are they happy with our visits or now are they feeling “invaded”? I want to return to the orphanage and hear some laughs and watch those little faces just like in the pictures, but know it seems we are done here. I feel quite satisfied, but it’s really hard to move and leave the children. That’s why making solo charity projects is so hard; there’s no torch to pass, you just leave. What if they need us again? What if they want to play or talk a little more?

I have many projects, not only Acorny Studios, I have the Hell’s Avenue EP coming out, I have to draw some sequences for a comic book, my script is getting ready, I’m writing some short stories and I have to plan some podcasts with some people. So, yeah, I’m having a tough time with most of my activities.

I don’t know if this is the end of the visits to the orphanage, maybe not, I hope so. I really want to stay a little bit more with the children, I want to listen to some stories and I will miss Sulay’s smile (the girl who was going to be adopted by my parents).

My girlfriend and I had a great time with the children. I know the children can’t read and they are not going to visit my site, but thanks for the memories. I’m now sure that I’m going to adopt a child.

  - Marv Castillo



Another visit to the orphanage. They took all the pictures this time!

I noticed some weird traits about some children. For example: I was running behind the kids because the wanted to be chased a run. I think that their favorite game - it’s what they want us to play every Saturday - , but the little girl just starts crying everytime there’s a grown man behind her, but that’s just my dumb hypothesis. I was a little bit sad by that. I had to hug her until she stopped crying. She placed her head on my shoulder and cried for five minutes.

The kids were very happy, look at them playing with their Lego. This visit was made on Saturday, sorry for posting it so late. They enjoy our visits and we finally had the chance to give some clothes the boys. I didn’t had the chance to collect clothes for little girls.